The Mediterranean

We are a full service video production collective based in Barcelona, Spain

Tramuntana mountains

A UNESCO World Heritage site, spanning some 50km up the coast of Mallorca

Shoot all year round

Sun in the winter? Endless beaches, bays, sea and sand are within easy reach

Commercial locations

Countless locations for commercial shoots, with backgrounds for a wide range of projects

Nearby destinations

Extremely close proximity to other sought after locations from around Europe such as the alps, and deserts in Africa

History and culture

Little citrus fruit farms, local fishing vessels and rustic architecture. Huge choice in set design options

Year round shooting
Beaches in the Balearic Islands, to the summits of the Pyrenees. The range of locations is in abundance and year round access means the show never needs to stop. Affordable, close and bursting with options – we have shot projects all over the world but have chosen to base our work in the Mediterranean Sea region, for far more reasons than those just above. Here is what’s on offer from the real world locations around us…

Cover new angles

The Mediterranean needs to be shown from a variety of angles. We have the opportunity and equipment to shoot scenes in some amazing locations and contribute to the coverage of a destination, using some of the latest technology available for digital video production.

Aerial shooting

Aerial shooting has become extremely affordable in the recent years due to the introduction of drones that fly a camera in the air. Shooting boats, islands or beach front properties is easily obtainable, but we also have experience in shooting from small plane and helicopter for more technical productions.
Why go further, when it’s all close by?
It’s warm, safe and we got things under control. Come and jump in!
BasementVision are positioned in the heart of Barcelona with immediate access to the Mediterranean Sea and it’s Balearic Islands. We produce and shoot content remotely, primarily for UK and GER agencies who require a production arm to handle creative briefs, closer to the locations they would like to shoot in. Our multi lingual production team come from a range of EU backgrounds where we have shot projects in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
With our growing network of go to people covering a wide range of topics, over the coming years we aim to set up a comprehensive production network in key destinations of this region, with the goal of producing cost effective and professionally constructed digital work. The Meditaranean offers so many wonderful places to shoot, and BasementVision is positioned to be able to deliver accordingly.